Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I Write Anonymously

For a lot a reasons, most of which will be readily apparent to regular readers of this blog. For those of you new to Marketing (Analyzed), or those who perhaps have not yet had their second cup of coffee, I’ll spell them out here:
  • First and foremost, this gives me the opportunity to be critical, and brutally honest in my writing and thinking.  Part of my marketing responsibility is to contribute most/all of the content for our official corporate blog, and I often have to rein myself in while writing it
  • Second, and somewhat ironically, it actually allows me to reflect upon my professional experiences more transparently than if I wrote under my own name.  I will, however, respect the privacy of those with whom I interact – for example, I might talk about an interaction with “a large banking firm”, but wouldn’t identify them
  • Third, writing  anonymously gives me much greater freedom to talk about my own approaches, failures, and mistakes than I could otherwise.  Without this shield, I’d be unable to be self-critical, or critical of my employer – the things I write about could well be used as ammunition by competing firms
  • Finally…it’s more fun!  I can take greater writing risks, toss in occasional profanity, and be as silly as I happen to feel

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